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Meehan’s Building History in St. Augustine, FL

The site where Meehan’s sits was originally used for construction storage during the building of the infamous Castillo de San Marcos (located just 150 feet North of the restaurant).

The building that is now Meehan’s was once the private home of William Diskmuits, and was built in 1917 according to historical records. We have since found photographic evidence that the building was built prior to a devastating fire in 1914 that took out the entire bay front. The damage may have been so extensive that the home was re-built and thus the records show that it was built in 1917. Mr. Diskmuits was the first president of the First Florida National Bank. Mrs. Diskmuits is one of the reasons that St. Augustine still has it’s coquina City Gates. The city was going to tear down the gates in the name of progress. The women’s preservation group that Mrs Diskmuits was a member of, protested against this action and stopped the city from tearing down the gates.



Meehan’s History

Although born and raised in New Jersey, John Meehan has been a true Irish boy since the day he was born. Meehan’s Irish Pub is a dream come true – what Irish Man wouldn’t want to own their very own pub in St. Augustine, Florida, America’s most historical city? The Meehan clan originates from the county Leitrim, Ireland, and has roots going as far back as the early 1600s.